Tattoo Removal With Advance Technologies

Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are trendy and one can be creative with the tattoo designs and execution.

The removal of tattoo is one of the tedious tasks. With advance technologies and methods, tattoo removal has become easy.

This article will highlight the different methods which you can opt during tattoo removal.

Laser removal: this method is widely used by youngsters to remove the tattoo. The laser beam is used to remove the tattoo. The high intensity laser beams fragments the ink particles and removes them with less known side effects. Scarring of the skin was initially observed when this method was introduced, but with advanced technologies this side effect is tremendously reduced. This is costly treatment method requiring professionals for the same. Moreover removal with laser beam is not completed within one sitting and requires multiple consultations. So smaller the tattoo design, smaller the amount you have to spend and lesser the number of consultations.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy: also denoted as IPL , is one of the method where high intensity of light is spotted over the tattooed region as pulses. This method has comparatively lesser side effects and is believed to be one of the effective methods for tattoo removal.

Cost is still an issue as the fee depends on the number of pulses required and this in turn is decided by the size of the tattoo.

Other tattoo removal methods known are less effective and include dermabrasion, which involves the harsh abrasion with sand to remove the layer of skin.

Besides these there are creams, which aim in removing the tattoos. But less is known about them and how effective they are in the process for tattoo removal. The marketed creams include ‘TatBGone’ and ‘Tattoo-OFF’,is capable of fading off the tattoo. This takes time, but damage to the skin is not yet reported. Less costly, this method can be opted for tattoo removal.

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