Some Eagle Tattoos

Some Eagle Tattoos

Eagle is a strong bird which flies high in the sky and is known for its strength and power. Many cultures considers eagle as the symbol for power and wisdom. Historical significance of eagle is that it symbolized man power or masculine power. Native Americans consider the symbol of eagle related with the power of spirituality. It was believed that eagles were the “messengers of GOD”. In America the eagle is symbolized as part of the air force. The strength and power is pictured here.

In this article discussion is based on the variations in the ”Eagle tattoo”.

This tattoo design has the peculiarity that it can be applied anywhere on the body and looks massive and gives a sharp instinct to the beholder. Some people prefer to get tattooed over their neck region, some prefer on their entire back region or chest region. The fierce looks of the eagle can be well portrayed using colors and shades.

Tribal Eagle Tattoo: this tattoo design is the one which depicts the traditional aspect of Native Americans. Symbolizing the strong spiritual power and strength, this is one of the favorite among youngsters.

Variations are tried with quotes from the bible being tattooed together with the eagle tattoo

Tribal eagle tattoo

Haida Eagle Tattoos: this tattoo symbolizes the native tribe in North America, the Haida. The eagle is inked in red or black.

Haida Eagle Tattoos

Double-headed Eagle Tattoos: this tattoo design is seen within the official seals of European countries. Symbolizing power and strength, this tattoo also signifies freedom.

Double-headed Eagle Tattoos

Eagle Feather Tattoos; eagle’s feather represents the power of healing and the medicinal role. Many tribes use this as part of treatment.

Eagle Feather Tattoos

Eagle claw tattoos: symbolizing the power to attack and protection from evil. This is one of the trendy eagle tattoos.

Eagle claw tattoos

Eagle eye tattoos: symbolizing clarity of vision and being focused on is yet another trendy eagle tattoo.

Eagle eye tattoos

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