Old School Tattoo Designs: The Lowdown

Old School Tattoo Designs: The Lowdown


Traditional tattoos possess a sense of nostalgia. Maybe the tattooed person had special comics or movies growing up which included a character with a particular tattoo; maybe the wearer would like to link themselves with a specific group or historical age.


Many of the more traditional designs are bright, fun and full of color. Because of this, lots of people select them because they are good fun.


At the moment, loads of people who make the decision to be tattooed with old school tattoos do so with a sense of irony. However, this does not have to be the case. Having a traditional design tattooed onto your lower back is an excellent method of combining then and now – the marking may be traditional, but the placing is not.


Love is an ever-popular symbol in tattoos, whether of the heart or someone’s name or of a rose. A horseshoe tattoo signifies good luck and fortune.


Birds of flight are also becoming more popular. They can be positioned in the middle of your lower back facing forwards if you’d prefer a symmetrical tattoo design, or placed off-centre to include a beautiful plunge; it’s your choice. An eagle symbolizes strength and bravery, and a blue swallow demonstrates a return to home and life.


There are also heaps of melancholic designs you might like to think about. The most morbid of all would be the skull. It symbolizes death. Perhaps you could include a few flowers to make it more personalized? In addition, the Grim Reaper is becoming popular, but there is nothing stopping you from incorporating other images. Further, there are the usual sword and barbed-wire designs. Paradoxically, a tattoo design which include barbed wire could be very suitable for your lower back given the curves of the wire.


Sea-themed designs have always been popular. They include tattoos of, e.g., anchors, stars and mermaids. Anchors are a cool inclusion due to their curvaceous shape. In addition, it is possible to have names (maybe yours to avoid the need for removal surgery if a relationship breaks down) included in the design. Stars are excellent too, because they can be shaped to trace the femininity of the base of your back. A mermaid is a great way of accentuating your femininity, and employing the long hair of the mermaid to curve your lower back.


There are heaps of old school tattoo designs out there, so take some time to research and decide which ones you are drawn to, then maybe think about whether you want to change it to mould it into the ideal tattoo for yourself. They have lasted the test of time, so take advantage of that!

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