LeBron James Tattoos

LeBron James Tattoos

LeBron James is a big name in the NBA. He has been nicknamed as the ‘King James’, and plays for the Miami Heat of the NBA. He has also played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and is also the all time leading scorer for the team. LeBron James’ Tattoos which are so many in numbers have drawn a lot of attention from fans and general public likewise. He definitely does not mind showing off.

The letters written onto the backside of his triceps on both the arms.

Lion ‘King’ Tattoo – The King James, has very proudly given himself the tattoo of a crowned lion on his right upper arm.

LeBron James Lion ‘King’ Tattoo

The ‘Chosen One’ Tattoo – Out of all the LeBron James’ Tattoos, the most talked about one is the tattoo on his back. This tattoo simply reads, ‘CHOSEN1’. He got this tattoo while he was still in the high school.

LeBron James The ‘Chosen One’ Tattoo

Left Shoulder Arm Tattoo – Most of the LeBron James’ Tattoos are mostly talked about because of their acclaiming nature. The tattoo on the left arm is that of his famous Beast tattoo with stars drawn over the word and with the ‘Hold Your Own’ etched into it.

LeBron James Left Shoulder Arm Tattoo

Gloria James Tattoo – LeBron James’ Tattoos like that of many others also have dedications. The additional tattoo over the lion, ‘Gloria’, is for his mother, Gloria James.

LeBron James Gloria James Tattoo

Birthplace and Year – LeBron James’ Tattoos also remind us all of the place where he was born and his year of birth. Both his shoulders have tattoos of ‘Akron’ and ‘ Est 1984’.

LeBron James Tattoos

Witness Tattoo – His right leg adds one of the famous LeBron James’ Tattoos, where he has inscribed ‘Witness’.

LeBron James Witness Tattoo

He keeps adding details to his tattoos and has a lot many tattoos. He has tattoos dedicated to his sons too, one being.

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