Geisha Tattoo – The Most Popular Tattoo Among The Japanese

Geisha Tattoo - The Most Popular Tattoo Among The Japanese

Geisha tattoo” are popular among the Japanese. Within their culture this tattoo symbolizes beauty.

This is tattooed over men and women equally and the detailed beauty of this geisha tattoo becomes charming when applied over a large area.

The historical reference to geisha stands for entertaining men. They are professional by all means and include a special gesture during their performance of song and dance. These were mainly performed during the cultural events.

Geisha also referred to as the “figment of the imagination” also proves the wisdom and beauty within them. The geisha tattoo is represented in red and this color signifies fertility. The costume “kimono” which is worn has vibrant colors over them attracting the eyes of the beholder.

Traditionally symbolizing the Japanese culture the geisha tattoo represents their culture.

In this article, the geisha tattoo and the variations included are discussed

Geisha Tattoo - The Most Popular Tattoo Among The Japanese

Geisha tattoo with samurai: the Geisha tattoo at times are designed together with samurai. The samurai sword depicts protection. The protection of the geisha is signified. It also symbolizes the protection of women.

Geisha tattoo with samurai

Geisha tattoo with cherry: cherry depicted on either the kimono or as the background looks charming when applied over a large body area. The vibrant colors add more beauty.

Geisha tattoo with cherry

Geisha tattoo with animal creatures: certain designs like tiger, dragon with reference to the Japanese myths are seen tattooed together with the Geisha tattoo

Geisha tattoo with animal creatures

If you want the geisha tattoo alone, then the entire vibrant colors of the “kimono” can be highlighted. If the tattoo needs other myths and designs to be inculcated, that too will look charming overall. An expert advice and talent is a must for the same.

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