Alexia Rodriguez’s Tattoos

Alexia Rodriguez's Tattoos

Eyes set to kill is an American band from Phoenix, Arizona Sisters Alexia and Anissa started the band in 2003 along with their former vocalist Lindsey Vogt. After Lindsey’s departure, due to some issues with the management Alexia assumed her position as lead vocalist as well as guitarist. It was a shock for everyone when she stepped up for the lead vocalist for Eyes Set to kill because she has always been shy Apart from her singing she is also famous for her body tattoos. Alexia Rodriguez’s tattoos are very famous.


Alexia Rodriguez has 6 tattoos on her body. Alexia Rodriguez’s tattoos have been very famous among youngsters. Tattoos of Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, and a skull and rose on her upper left arm are the famous Alexia Rodriguez’s Tattoos.

Tattoos of Frankenstein

On her left foot she has the Zelda tri-force symbol. A puzzle heart on her left wrist and artwork from The Ugly Organ on her right wrist. Crooked piano keys from the cover of Cursive’s album The Ugly Organ wrapped around her right wrist was the Alexia’s first tattoo.

Alexia Rodriguez's Ugly Organ tattoos

Alexia Rodriguez, on her left shoulder she has a tattoo of Frankenstein which was just a black outline at first but was colored in red later. In 2010, another tattoo was added in Alexia Rodriguez’s tattoos. She added a purple faced with blue and yellow hair matching Bride Of Frankenstein tattoo on the inside of her left arm. A video of her while getting the tattoo done can be seen on the internet. The tattoo was done at Hart and Huntington Tattoo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Alexia Rodriguez's Ugly tattoo

In October 2011, Alexia got the tattoo of a purple skull with a daisy on the cranium next to a red rose from Hart and Huntington Tattoo at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. All of the members of Eyes Set To Kill have tattoos of the tri-force symbol from Zelda, a video game, and Alexia Rodriguez’s tattoo is on the top of her left foot. She has a puzzle in the shape of a heart on the inside of her left wrist,. One piece is colored in black to indicate that it is missing.

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