75+ Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs

The decision to get a tattoo done is a very serious one as it means committing to having that piece of art forever on your skin. Additionally, getting a tattoo done takes a lot of time and a lot of pain and is also expensive. Therefore, before you get one, you should consider every aspect. All designs don’t suit everyone and also a tattoo should be connected to you emotionally. Therefore think a lot and choose the design which will reflect your personality and also make you be able to connect emotionally to it.

There are many places where you could get a tattoo on your body, but if you are planning on getting a memorable big sized tattoo then the shoulder is a good option. This is because the shoulder tattoo can be stretched to cover your hands in the form of a sleeve tattoo or it can be stretched out to the back. The shoulder is a very wide area, therefore medium and big sized tattoo would look the best on them. Shoulder tattoos come in varied designs and suit men and women alike. Both men and women can pull off these awesome feminine and masculine designs.

The best thing about these shoulder tattoos are that both men and women can very easily flaunt it by wearing a sleeveless tee whenever you want and also can hide it at the workplace under a full sleeve shirt whenever you want. They come in various patterns and designs such as tribal patterns, angels, phoenix wings, skeleton patterns and the like. Here are the best ones to give you a rough idea about the ones that would suit the best. You can obviously take some ideas from it and customize your design if you want to or use them as it is.

75+ Best Shoulder Tattoo Designs:

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