55+ Best Egyptian Tattoos for Inspiration

Who does not love mystery? The same fact stands for the tattoos also. The common designs of flowers and phrases are too main-stream but the scintillating designs that tickle our thoughts and senses are the most fascinating. The recent craze of tattoos among the youths that depict mystic historical facts and emblems shows the admiration for ancient civilizations and cultures.

The Egyptian civilization was a milestone in development of art and culture. It was the race that was both admired and feared. The symbols in the pyramids and rescued artifacts depict a lot of interesting facts that make us think and sink deep in the mysteries. When these shapes and figurines are embraced in the form of tattoos it makes the outlook even more mystical and parallel appealing. The tattoos represent both immense power and prestige. The old Pharaohs are the sign of excellence, luxury and unthinkable power.

The gods and goddesses symbolize their own grounds of life and death, prosperity and hope. The hieroglyphic scripts are one of the most ancient known languages to humankind. The symbols from the script have different meanings. The ‘Ankh’ represents life whereas the Scarab beetle represents pain. The cat tattoos represents motherhood, femininity and motherhood. Cats were very important in Egyptian culture. The cat also represents a goddess, Agep who saved the Egyptians from destruction. The eye or the ‘Udjat’ represent protection from evil and healing. It is the eye of the almighty god ‘Ra’.

These egyptian tattoos are not only fierce representing power but are also bold as they have a lot of inner meaning and their own story to tell. The ancient way of expressing things via this type of artistic designs belonging to the ancient Egyptian era is very fascinating and imparts a mystical shadow over the character of the person, making him or her more appealing.

55+ Best Egyptian Tattoos for Inspiration:

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