55+ Best Dragon Tattoos Design for Men and Women

Dragons are legendary creatures that breathe fire and have monstrous wings, enormous claws, crested head and scaly serpent. Dragon tattoos hold different meanings and vary from a region to another, from one country to the other. Dragons have evolved as a classic choice of a tattoo design and are among the popular mythological creatures that are picked for inking. The best part is that this art isn’t gender specific. Men as well as women can and get it inked on their bodies. The main thing that matters is how well the inked individual can carry it. This design has been listed as one of the most popular and best tattoo designs in the world of fashion. While men select a strong and apparently brave image of a dragon to show their masculinity and charm, usually women select a soft design to show its beauty and feminine nature.

Dragons have been depicted as wise, powerful, and free and their legend is cloaked in mythical and magical realms, always. They come from sacred Japanese mountain tops and bottom of the deepest seas from Greece. Due to the symbolic meanings, a dragon tattoo is inked on the back, side, arms and sometimes on the legs, feet or hands.
Dragons have been drawn in a various forms due to their popular appeal. Tattoo designers today have taken this art of dragon to inspiring new levels.

Whether you desire to have one of the traditional dragon tattoos or one that comes with its modern look, cutting-edge, you’ll inevitably find an incredible gallery full of awesome images to pick from. Tattoo artists pay extra attention while creating the images of dragons as they appear amazing on the body. They may come in multicolor, or simply in black and white. Dragon tattoos may wrap around a body and flatter contours. Dragon tattoos may be tribal, jade or in Celtic designs. They may appear with huge wings or breathing fire.

55+ Best Dragon Tattoos Design for Men and Women:

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