55 Beautiful Star Tattoos for Men & Women

Tattoos are known for years to give a new dimension to your personality. Getting tattooed with the star designs can bring out the wild trait of your creative thoughts. This down to earth design has proved to be a wonderful piece of art with a deeper meaning. Though simple it looks, star tattoos have aesthetically value attached to them. The points of a star to determine meanings hidden beneath them such as the nautical star which stands for symbolizing protection and guidance. The growing craze for getting tattooed with the star tattoo designs is much found among the women of this generation who like the pattern for the beauty it resembles.

With most celebrities flashing their body with these designs, individuals have taken up to them straight. Star tattoos too enjoy the advantage of finding endless placement possibilities in the body. While for men the possibilities preferably seem to be chest, shoulders and arms; for women the design finds a way to their lower stomach, lower back, hips, neck, legs and anywhere else. Getting blended easily with any other form of designs like heart, flowers, leaves, and other existing tattoos are what makes star tattoo designs most rated by the tattoo lovers.

The main purpose of getting inked or tattooed lies in satisfying one’s own interventions: be it bearing any significant meaning or not, the overall attention remains on the aspect and design of the tattoo. However, in the ancient days it was the sailors who began getting themselves inked with the patterns of the nautical stars that they relied on direction and guidance. The star design eventually became a part of the prominent tattoo design and is finds a place among those selected tattoo designs which is designated for both men and women who loved getting them on their beauty not out of their symbolic significance but of being driven by their beauty.

55 Beautiful Star Tattoos for Men & Women:

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