100+ Best Skull Tattoos For Men and Women

Skull tattoos have already stood the test of time with many people who had originally gotten inked with a skull tattoo now hitting 70s or even 80s, this new era of the skull tattoos among the teens has started coming through. Skull tattoos are often seen to be combined with elements like roses, daggers, and this way they make an impact irrespective of where they have been inked on one’s body. Skull tattoos possess various meanings and it depends on how the skull tattoo has been used. For instance, many associates the tattoo of human skull with eye sockets with death, but it can make for a striking tattoo. Some people choose tattoos to show that they do not fear death. Also, skull tattoos could symbolize that a person has accepted their mortality.

There are multiple designs of these skull tattoos. Most popular among them are the sugar skull tattoos, popular as the Mexican skull tattoos or the candy skull tattoos. Another type of skull tattoos is Skull sleeves usually made of the leg or arm. Some people choose to ink a skull with the crossbones indicating that the individual prefers to live by their own rules. Among women, the Feminine skull tattoos are popular. Many choose a skull tattoo with stars, hearts, wings, flower and even dragons. Old school skull tattoos were practiced in early phases of tattooing. These tattoos are simple with bold outlines. Many such old school designs have military symbols, hearts or pinup girls with their skull. Some skulls have ribbons with special dates, names or mottos.

At the first impression, a skull tattoo may appear or sound morbid to some while for others; it could sound really trendy or cool. The best part about getting a skull tattoo inked is that it is easy to make it more innovative by incorporating some other symbols or abstract designs or even quotes, experimenting with colors so that it appears more distinctive as well as personal is definitely a good idea. It then becomes uniquely yours as you get to ink what actually defines you.

100+ Best Skull Tattoos for Men and Women:


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