Koi fish is a type of oily fresh water fish and has significance with reference to tattoo. This fish symbolizes good luck or fortune and also intelligence. There are many other meanings inferred for this fish. In this article, the different “koi tattoo” designs are highlighted.

Their magnificent ability to get transformed to a dragon is admired by the Chinese. This power to transform occurs only during special days like ‘the third full moon of every year.

The different variations in the koi tattoo are discussed here. The Japanese admires the “koi fish” as it has much positive symbolization. If ever you have a plan to go for this tattoo, this article would help you select the accurate koi fish design.

Like any other tattoo you can apply this on any part of your body, but a highlighted ‘koi tattoo’ will look more charming if applied over the arm or if applied as a sleeve tattoo.

The size of the tattoo can also be varied. And it is worth mentioning that the koi fish tattoo attracts the eye-catcher if it is applied over a large area.

Gold koi tattoo: symbolizes wealth and richness. Usually tattooed over the shoulder or as sleeve

Gold koi tattoo

Black koi tattoo: one of the best tattoo designs. This symbolizes the success after a transformation. Symbolizes the ability to survive and become successful.

Black koi tattoo

White koi tattoo : symbolizes for success in social and career. This koi tattoo is one of the easiest and does not need shading.

White koi tattoo

Red koi tattoo: symbolizes love and romance. The success of winning the loved one’s heart and winning the love of a woman is symbolized here.

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