95 Best Rose Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

The concept of tattoos is old enough and belongs to the ancient civilizations. It was thought as a sacred act to symbolize an idea. Nowadays it is an appealing fashion trend without any bar of age or gender. The youths are more fascinated with this body art and indulge in having one. A tattoo is embraced to impart an ideal followed by the person. It is the way of ornamenting the body for lifetime with skilled craftsmanship and expressive designs.

Roses are the most adorable flowers and they are very much impressive as tattoo designs. They are of different kinds and colors. The sizes vary as per the place where it will be done. Red roses signify deep love, passion and romance. When similar designs are shared between couples, they show how deep they are into each other. Pink roses represent first love and innocence. White roses symbolize purity and sacredness. A black rose impart sadness in the outlook, whereas a red rose means joy and happiness. Roses with thorns describe pain and loss of love and affection. The tattoos are made in the leg, back, shoulders and elsewhere differing in size, shape and color. The tattoos can be mixed with other figurines like skulls, butterflies, quotes, crosses, stars, etc.


One of the most popular tattoos that women are indulging is the rose ones. In fact the proposals they get from the guys are with the special flower. This flower revives the memories of good times. The hybrid designs with the roses impart a hidden message of love for someone or something. The number of petals also signifies the trust in numerology. The tarot rose signifies balance in life. The roses symbolize eternal love ditching time and death. What can be more effective than getting a rose tattoo to immortalize love? Nothing is more attractive than flaunting a rose tattoo in an appealing way.

95 Best Rose Tattoo Designs for Men and Women:

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