75 Unique Heart Tattoos for Inspiration

Heart tattoos have always been favorite for many people. Different people have a different meaning of this art. Some people dedicate this sign of tattoo for their first crush while some denote it to their loved one. This symbol has many hidden meaning behind it, but the common thing is, it denotes love, happiness, comfort, and kindness for the person with whom you are extremely close. If you take a look at some of the traditional style of heart tattoo designs, you will be amazed to see the charm which it still holds.


When it comes to designing a heart tattoo it has many meanings besides love. The soul is another meaning which indicates that people who are close to you stay in your heart. In Egypt, a heart was considered as the goddess of truth. There is no similarity between the real heart of the body and the tattoo, but the design looks extremely romantic. Celtic Knot Hearts, Oil Rig, Geometric Heart, Ear Hearts, and Heart and Cross are some of the popular examples that you can have a look at. Other than this, search online and get more unique Heart Tattoos which are worth. Now you have ideas with you, your next task is to choose the right artist. A real artist is the one who a help you enhance your creativity of this design and ink it nicely on your body part.

Heart tattoos are great to ink on any art of your body. It looks adorable and suits both men and women. You can keep it in the black and white shade or gives vibrant colors to it for better style. So this valentine, surprise your girl with some nice heart tattoo designs that she would definitely love. Whatever design you choose, make sure you get it done from an expert artist who holds years of experience in this field.

75 Unique Heart Tattoos for Inspiration:

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