Tattoos are considered as the symbols to express the personality of a person. The trend of tattoos is a part of many cultures since the ancient time. Along with time, this art has extended its boundaries at a vast level. Some people engrave tattoos just for fun and fashion while others consider them emotionally valuable. All tattoos have their own deeper meanings.

Tree tattoos are becoming very popular now days because of their uniqueness. Especially the nature lovers prefer to pierce tattoos of trees on their body.  Trees have their cultural and religious importance in many societies. Some people found several trees to be sacred such as Greeks worship oak trees. Buddhists saw Bodhi tree as a symbol of enlighten. Hindus also worship banyan, ashoka and sandalwood tree.

They are the symbol of long lasting existence because trees are present since the life had started on earth. Life of trees is more than any other living being of earth. Tree tattoos describes the symbol of life as a continuous process. Tattoo lovers prefer various types of tree according to their belief or love. Thousand types of trees species are present in this world with unique appearance and properties. Tree tattoo lovers have their own choice such as a person may prefer oak tree tattoo while other want a cheery blossom. These tattoos are pierced with different types of vibrant colours which make them very attractive. Tree tattoo designs and ideas vary from different countries, religions, communities and beliefs. But the eternal meaning of all of them is giving respect to the trees.

They are the permanent marks of body which remains constant till the end of life. That is why people are attached emotionally with them. Tattoo piercing is a painful process but still millions of people are engraving tattoos on their bodies to express themselves.

55 Magnificent Tree Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

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