26 Super Simple Wave Tattoo Designs

26 Super Simple Wave Tattoo Designs

Waves, what comes in your mind? Something related to sea or an ocean which looks very quite but inside it has many creatures and unknown disturbances stored. A deep mind may compare waves with his life. If we think with some concentration, waves have many ups and down. When we go to a water body at the time of low tides, it looks very calm and soothing. We feel that how peaceful the water is flowing as our lives are going at happy times but we are not allowed to go near the water body when it is having high tides. We can compare high tides with the low times of us.

As the representation of waves depict, sometimes high and sometimes low is the graph of our life. Sometimes we may feel happy and sometimes saddest. Waves at the end teach us to remain consistent and you ll gain your goals and happiness with the time. Time is never constant and so the emotions are. Loosing hopes takes you no where. Waves dispense the message of consistency that’s why it is attracting the people around the globe. You can find many tattoos of waves which are very soothing if you view it and consists a very good meaning. Who doesn’t wants a motivation with him ? If you are thinking of having one representation of waves on your body, then you should have a look on the collection of 26 Super Simple Wave Tattoo Designs.


These designs will steal your heart and are so decent that you ll glad to have one on your body. Be it your wrist, arms, ankle or neck these tattoos will blend in a way that is belongs to you. If you are not afraid of storms and wish to

26 Super Simple Wave Tattoo Designs

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