In some recent studies conducted over millions all over the world, it shows that when it comes to tattooing, women outnumber men. Now that is not an indication that getting a butterfly tattoo on is unmanly but it goes without saying that the butterflies are among the top designs women choose to get tattooed. The butterfly represents love, flight, peace and transformation. The butterfly as we know, starts as a caterpillar and over time evolve as a beautiful butterfly. This transformation is quite symbolic of many women who have transformed or grown from their respective pasts. At times, it is simple like change from a girl to a woman and sometimes it represents overcoming a dark phase in their life.

Butterfly, as is known to all, is a very pretty and colorful creature which can instantly attract. Butterfly tattoos are gaining even more popularity due to the colorful appearance once inked on bodies. The butterfly has been known as the symbol for the soul. It is to be noted that even boys like to get butterfly tattoos on them. Butterfly tattoo designs can easily be done on any part of your body and are available in every size, be it small, or medium, or large. A small butterfly tattoo would look prettier on the wrist, under the neck, ear and foot while a medium or large butterfly tattoo would look more attractive on the chest, shoulders, back, legs, thigh and arms. The best part about Butterfly tattoos is that they come in a wide range of colors and even in 3-d effects.

The butterfly symbolizes affection and love. The popular butterfly designs are the red butterfly, one could go for a pair of wings on each foot. A flight of butterflies on the back or on the hands add a dimension to your personality. A rose and butterfly tattoo and a butterfly music, tattoos are however common designs. A purple pearlescent, turquoise and Blackwork butterfly on the side of the neck or shoulders remain the classics. A butterfly in a bottle, a watercolor, the hyperrealism back shoulder, an elegant ornate back and a geometric butterfly are the innovative designs winning hearts.

101 Gorgeous Butterfly Tattoos for Inspiration:

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